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Our primary objectives are to advance and promote:

Bitcoin, not crypto

Bitcoin is the world’s only truly decentralised peer-to-peer, open, uncensorable and voluntary monetary network with an immutable fixed supply. It has no CEO, no foundation, no marketing team. Properly understood, it is clear that Bitcoin is distinct and separate from all other cryptocurrencies.

The HODL Act

To protect the nation’s treasury against the persistent and inevitable decline in the value of fiat currencies, we call upon the Australian government to enact legislation that permits government, at both a Federal and State level, as well as the Reserve Bank of Australia, to allocate a portion of their treasury to bitcoin.

Privacy and Freedom of Speech

Privacy is a human right, as declared by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 12. As such, we reject all forms of surveillance including chain surveillance, central bank digital currencies and mass surveillance of communications and internet activity. Additionally, we reject the censorship of speech, code or financial transactions.

Financial Self-Sovereignty

Empower Australians to achieve financial self-sovereignty by becoming independent of “trusted” intermediaries, such as banks. Bitcoin facilitates this through the ability to receive bitcoin directly, as well as the ability to make payments for goods and services.